The Book:

Published in December 2002, the manuscript Edward Kynaston’s novel has a history that reflects and honours the story of the ‘Ordinary Women’ themselves: integrity in the face of injustice, humour as an antidote to horror, and survival against all odds.

The author died before his book had been accepted by a publisher, and he never knew that the eventual publisher was not in Sydney or Melbourne, but was residing just kilometres away, near the foot of the mountain he could see from the window of his house on remote Bruny Island.

The remarkable story of how Kynaston’s widow and publisher Edith Speers of Dover Tasmania brought this book into being is discussed in the speeches they gave at the launch on 7 December 2002 at Hobart Book Shop.

You now have the opportunity to buy the best book you will ever read in your life, the story of four women who survived the most shameful act of the Allies in World War II: the fire-bombing in February 1945 of Europe’s most beautiful city and the annihilation of thousands of civilians. This is the story of Dresden.