The Author:

Edward Kynaston was an educationist in the UK and Australia before turning to journalism and authorship. For three years he was literary editor of Nation Review and wrote a weekly column called ‘In Particular’.

He worked in publishing and broadcasting, and was a book reviewer for newpapers, weeklies and magazines.

Edward Kynaston visited East Germany often and meticulously researched historical documents there and in the U.K.. He gathered oral history over five decades and based the novel on the life of his wife and her family. The chilling dedication is in memory of his mother-in-law.

Kynaston died in 2000 on his beloved Bruny Island, where he left behind him his best friends: his wife and two whippets.

His other books are-
‘Australian Voices’ (published by Penguin Books)
‘The Penguin Book of the Bush’ (published by Penguin Books)
‘A Man on Edge’ - a life of Ferdinand von Mueller; awarded the Weikhardt Award for Best Bilograpy 1982 (published by Allan Lane): ‘Thinking Aloud’, co-authored with Professor R. Bates (published by Deakin University Press)